Online Bible Study Tools

Here are a few good tools that I use for bible studies.   Interlinear Bibles: Blue Letter Bible Bible Hub Online Bibles: Bible Gateway King James Bible Online Commentaries: Bible Gateway – Commentaries (Note: When reading on Bible Gateway, there are commentaries on the side bar.) King James Bible Online also has a commentary. Audio Bibles:

Sin nature bible verses

Sinful Nature Why have an article about sin nature? The problem with sinful nature is this: If we have a sin nature that would make God an unjust God because that would mean that he made us to sin and then punishes us for doing what he made us to do. Verses that are supposedly

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Creation VS Evolution

Ok so first of all this is not really an article, this is more of a Q&A. So lets begin! Lets start with the questions that creationist “can’t” answer. Question 1: If physical death is part of the punishment for sin, why do Christians still die? The punishment for Adam’s sin was death. That punishment

Why I’m Not an Atheist

It would seem to most people, that there being no god would be very convenient. There would be no accountability, and no judgement. We could live life as we please, and live for ourselves alone. It sounds appealing at first to most people. But why am I not an atheist then? I’ll give a couple

The Inerrancy of God’s Word

     God’s word is Inerrant. Meaning that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any word in it. Everyone is familiar with 2 Timothy 3:16: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” Does “all scripture” mean all? Of course! Well if